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Keep up your streak
with automated habit tracking

Setup your habit once and never struggle with manual progress logging again.
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How it works

We take habit building to the next level.
Stop logging, start tracking - here are some examples how automations track your progress:

Based on your location

Habyte can track the time you spend at certain locations to automatically log your progress.


Go to the gym every week
Stay at home
Be in the office for less then 8 hours a day
Shows the location, which was tracked automatically.
Lists the automatically tracked log entries

Based on your phone usage

By monitoring how you interact with the apps on your phone, Habyte can track when you work on good habits or waste your time.


Decrease social media usage
Use an app to meditate every morning
Workout at home with a training app

Based on third-party integrations

Import detailed third-party information and utilize services you already use to build meaningful habits.

Examples (Coming soon):

Walk 10,000 steps every day
Sleep for 8h every night
Push one commit to GitHub every day
List of services that habyte will integrate

Further features

Get started with inspiring templates
Habyte includes 50+ templates ready to go so you can start your journey in no time. Get inspired by templates from various categories like Health or Productivity.
Build good and break bad habits
Habyte fully supports breaking bad habits by offering a dedicated creation flow and specialized tracking.
Privacy first
Habyte was built with privacy in mind and collects as little data as necessary.
Stay motivated
Streaks, smart notifications and insightful statistics help you to stay motivated.
Various tracking modes
Customizable tracking modes allow you to specify fixed sessions and collect your progress with exceptional precision.
Build habits together
Challenge your friends and share your progress. Building habits together is fun, will keep you motivated and increases your chance of success. (Coming soon)

Join us. Stop logging and start tracking.

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